Current Projects

At present the Association has several projects that are in discussion with varous organizations, several that are underway or just completed.

Continue to the bottom of this page for pictures of our 2021 contribution to the TOYBANK Thank You Plaques.

For the Toy Bank Association members have built toys for the 2020 Toy Bank give away in December. The toys have been delivered to the Toy Bank by Wayne and Jim. The first six pictures provide pictures of the toys. A list of toys with the builder is provided below:

30 Doll Cradles with doll and blanket - Cradles by Michael Aroner, Dolls procured by Toni Moore and Blankets provided by the JOYFUL KNITTERS
20 Bags of wooden blocks - Blocks by Jerry Sprouse, Bags made by Toni Moore
40 Puzzles (8" by 8") - Made by Wayne Snowbarger
9 Trucks (for sidewalk chalk) - Made by Michael Aroner
20 Trucks (for crayons) - Made by Michael Aroner

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