A initial start was made in 2006 as an activity under the North County Newcomers Club. To allow members who were not part of Newcomers it was decided to start a new club open to all in the community. Under the leadership of Keith Williams, the club's initial group of members has adopted the name Central Coast Woodworkers Association. In August of 2006 officers were elected and the club began having monthly meetings.


We have a mutual interest in woodworking and we wish to associate with others that are interested in woodworking, we want to stimulate an open and cooperative environment, we want to enhance the woodworking skills of our members through the exchange of ideas and information and we want to create wood projects for the benefit of our community.

The purpose of this organization shall be:
To provide a support group for the members to share a common interest in all manner of woodworking.
To help members increase their skills and craftsmanship
To make it possible to have special workshops, group purchases, discounts, and seminars not generally available to the individual
To expose members to a variety of woodworking techniques and areas of specialization
To promote woodworking to the public
To donate time and materials to support community service through woodworking

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